What to Know About Smart Locks?

Smart locks can be controlled remotely and have many useful features.

Raizo smart lock is one of the handiest smart home devices on the market. Smart lock technology has evolved over the past few years to include more and more useful features, including built-in security cameras, alarms, intercom abilities and more. Here’s what you need to know about smart locks.

How Do Smart Locks Work?

Smart locks replace your mortise lock or attach to the existing mortise in your door. They’re easy to install. The ones that attach to your existing mortise, such as the Raizo R300 smart lock, are perfect for anyone who isn’t handy with tools. Installation takes about 20 minutes for the add-on smart locks and around 30 to 45 minutes for the type of smart locks that replace your original mortise.

Each smart lock usually comes with step-by-step installation instructions in its app and helpful videos to make the process easier. Installation customarily only requires a screwdriver. If you don’t have a mortise lock, you may need to hire someone to drill holes in your door to accommodate your new lock.

Once installed, you connect the smart lock to the app using Bluetooth or your home’s WiFi. When that’s done, you can lock and unlock the door using your phone, and control any other features that the smart lock may have through the app.

Smart Lock Features

A couple of years ago, smart locks had limited features. Now the tiny devices are jam-packed with useful options.

Look for a smart lock that offers multiple ways to unlock the door. Besides the app, some do it with four-digit passcodes, fingerprint scans and mechanical keys. Some smart locks can even be unlocked with traditional keys. Our Raizo R300 smart lock, for instance, it has six authentication unlocking methods.

The locking features you choose will depend on your lifestyle. If you hire a cleaner, you may prefer a smart lock with digital keys, and the passcodes can be sent to the recipient. Then when they’ve used the passcode, you can deactivate it so the cleaner can’t access your home until the next appointment.

Other features include:

  • Low voltage alarm reminds the user to change the batteries;
  • Receive the notifications when the smart lock is unlocked by someone;
  • Anti-panic design handle for emergency escape;
  • Support random security password to prevent others peep the password;
  • Lift the handle up to activate the security bolt;
Raizo R300 smart lock Singapore

Is There a Weakness to Having a Smart Lock?

The only downside to smart door locks is that they need a power supply and won’t work without one. But if the smart lock also has a regular key, you can still operate the lock mechanism itself. Many smart locks use regular AAA or AA alkaline batteries, but some come with rechargeable battery packs. When the lock needs a battery change or charge, the device will send you a notification on your phone so you aren’t left with a dead lock.

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