Residential smart lock solution

TTLock App

Control all the setting of the smart lock in your phone by using the TTLock app.

Keyless to unlock your door. Your finger is the key. No more duplication of keys although a lot of members in a house.


One easy touch and  welcome home

TTlock can generate different passcode for the Raizo residential smart door lock in Singapore.

Generate permanent, specific time, one-timed eKey

TTLock is the smart door lock app to add RFID Card to unlock the door in Singapore.

Insert and pair with any RFID card to access the door

Raizo smart lock can use the TTLock app to unlock the door lock through Bluetooth in Singapore.

All the settings are done by using Bluetooth and it is also can be used to open the smart lock

Pairing with the wifi gateway to unlock with long distance and make sure your wifi connections is stable

Raizo provides smart lock and mortise lock which are using TTLock solution for apartment, condo, house in Singapore.

Mechanical key used to open the smart lock when it runs out of battery

TTLock is a smart door lock mobile app widely used in many digital lock and mortise lock in Singapore.



TTLock is a global provider of solutions of smart lock. TTLock is a smart lock management app used to do all the settings by using Bluetooth.


The features of TTLock is easy to understand and use for control and set up the digital door lock through the Bluetooth.

Comprehensive features

TTLock app is comprehensive app with many features such as unlock the smart lock, insert fingerprint, RFID card, edit or create password and many more.

Download from

TTLock app can download from Google Play store to do the setting on your smart lock in Singapore.
TTLock app
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Application of TTLock

TTLock helps to manage all the smart locks in one app in Singapore.

Manage multi-locks

Unlock the door lock remotely

TTLock can generate the eKey for Raizo digital door lock in Singapore.

Authorized administrators 

Fingerprint Management

TTLock can add the RFID card to the digital door lock in Singapore.

IC Card Management

Passcode Management

TTLock app can connect the wifi gateway with the Raizo smart lock in SIngapore.

Add Gateway

Receive notifications and track the unlocking record by using TTLock smart lock app with Raizo smart lock in Singapore.

Track records

TTLock app can control Raizo digital door lock in Malaysia.

Ensure your home safety

Ensure your home and family safety anytime, anywhere. Track the record and receive the notifications when your smart lock is opened by someone.