3 Tips for Making Contactless Check-in at Your Property

With the right technology, implementing contactless check-in for your hotel is relatively painless. It does, however, take some proactive communication with guests so that they know what to expect before arrival.

Contactless check-in hotel solution from Raizo smart lock Singapore.

1. Send pre-arrival emails

The pre-arrival emails detailing the check-in process and what security measures your team has put in place on-site. This email should accomplish two things. First, it should reassure guests that you are taking their health seriously. Second, it should give guests step-by-step instructions for how to check-in through their mobile device or onsite kiosk, as well as how they will receive their room key. Share this information at least 12 hours before their arrival.

2. Make sure to send information about every step of the arrival

Including whether there will be a valet, what the mask requirements are, and if someone can expect to have their temperature taken and recorded.

3. Clear signage for the guests when they arrived

When the guest arrives, make sure that there’s clear signage to let them know what to do next. Provide the same step-by-step check-in instructions that you sent via email. Include directions to find different areas of the property and to help guests learn how to use keyless entry. And, of course, provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the lobby.

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