PMS System for Hotel

PMS System for Hotel

What is a Hotel PMS?

Reservations, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, billing and invoicing, analytics, and reporting are all part of a hotel property management system (PMS), which is a collection of tools hoteliers use to run their businesses.
A modern (Cloud-Based) PMS system aims to save hotel managers and their employees time and money by automating all of these tasks.

Why a hotel need a PMS system?

It is now possible for a hotel management system (PMS) to handle everything from room inventory and reservations through housekeeping and room allocations. Additionally, you may now plan out preventive maintenance, create housekeeping room attendant sheets and even manage your conference, meeting, and banquet rooms.
Integrations are another area where PMS have made tremendous progress. Open API have made it feasible for tech startups, software developers, and even established behemoths to offer useful and novel technology that hotels can use with the press of a button. When it comes to integrating with third-party solutions such as channel managers, point-of-sale systems and payment gateways (Visa and Master Card, for example), you have complete control.

Automates the daily tasks and responsibilities of the workforce

Hotels that use hotel management systems to their maximum potential use the system’s features to speed up and optimize their current procedures. As long as the system is equipped with the necessary “tools,” daily activities become much more manageable. Hotel business operations can be taken care of with the use of these tools or features, as they’re referred to.
Standard operating procedures (SOPs) like posting restaurant receipts, checking guests in and out, and adding special deals for your store, restaurant, or spa can all be made easier with a PMS.
For the hotel to take full use of the latest hotel technology, such as a channel manager to collect bookings from online travel agents, revenue management to optimize income, and POS systems for food and beverage management, regardless of vendor, must be built into the PMS ecosystem. All hotels should have these elements in order to run smoothly and provide the best possible experience for guests.
They perceive a major benefit in the efficiency of check-in and check-out, as well as in the management of guests’ relationships and the optimization of housekeeping through the use of property management systems.
Because hotel personnel can focus on the needs and wishes of guests instead of dealing with a wide range of hotel management system issues on the computer, the visitor experience is also enhanced

Online and multi-device access to hotel data

While some hotels still use desktop or laptop computers or laptops to access their PMS, the number of hoteliers who utilize tablets or mobile phones is steadily increasing.
The independence and peace of mind that comes with using a mobile hotel property management system will make your job as a hotelier much easier, even if you prefer to work on a desktop or laptop.
Your hotel business can benefit greatly from mobile access when it comes to managing several sales channels. When competing with other hotels, you need to be able to reply quickly and accurately, which implies that you must always have access to:

  • The OTA’s channel manager (Expedia,, etc.).
  • Internet-based social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • PMS for hotel operations management

Effectively controlling all of these aspects from wherever you are will ensure that your hotel (whether an independent or part of a hotel chain) meets its commercial objectives.

Ensure that your guest records and data are the highest quality

Best PMS system for hotel in Singapore

A smart hotel management system will not only speed up the check-in and check-out processes, but it will also considerably improve the administration of your guest information and data.
the most significant aspects of guest data are easily managed by a decent hotel property management system:

  • Guests’ personal information, such as their name, date of birth, country, and preferences, is first collected by the hotel.
  • Storage of data in a secure, logical, and easy-to-use manner is the second step in the data lifecycle.
  • Data use is where the magic happens for hoteliers; using high-quality data allows you to construct tailored marketing and advertising campaigns directed at your ideal customers.
  • Providing a more personalized service to your visitors will surely improve your relationship with them and raise your hotel’s revenue at the same time.

Use accurate real-time data to make better decisions

With the right hotel management system, you can access the most relevant and accurate information at any time. Additionally, reservations, cleaning and maintenance management fall under this category. You no longer have to comb through mountains of data from many sources – everything you need is on a single platform that you can access at any time and from any location.
Hotel management systems aren’t all the same. But there are exceptions, and some are better than others. It’s important to find a simple and accurate approach to manage your reservations, check-ins, and check-outs in a hotel management system, and to look for a system that integrates with other systems.

With open API integrations, hoteliers can use whichever systems and software they want to enhance their hotel operations. When it comes to increasing profits, being able to make advantage of the latest technology is a need.

In order to provide a seamless experience for your guests, you must be able to manage all of the behind-the-scenes logistics with ease, so that you can spend your time and energy on what you do best, providing an exceptional level of service.

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How to Secure Your Hotel Room Security

How to Secure Your Hotel Room Security

Are you worried about the security of your hotel room when you travel? You never really know who else has a key to your room, or how good the locks and deadbolts actually are.

Luckily, there are several easy, inexpensive ways to secure the room more effectively. Here are five of the best.

Best Hotel Room Security Elements

Door Wedge

A rubber door wedge is the simplest method to add extra protection to your hotel room, and many travellers swear by them. They’re inexpensive, take up almost no room in your backpack, and require only a few seconds to set up. Simply slip the narrow end of the wedge under the door jam and lightly kick it into place to secure it.
Although some door wedges come with a Velcro strip to keep them from sliding on carpet, they function best on hard surfaces like wood or tile. You may even purchase variants with an alarm that will sound if the wedge is disturbed for added security.
For the wedge to work, the door you’re locking must open inwards. Most hotel doors do, but it’s important to remember.

Portable Door Locks

Another straightforward approach to securing your room is by using a portable door lock. These come in several shapes and styles, but they all work in a similar way, preventing the door from opening inwards. Again, for that reason, they won’t protect you when the door to your room opens out into the corridor.

Most portable locks have one piece that fits into the metal plate where the existing latch or lock goes, and another that sits across the back of the door. When locked in place, these prevent the door from opening unless someone physically breaks it down—not the most subtle of approaches.

A few portable locks take a different approach, with a piece that slides under the door jam, and a plate that screws down onto the floor.

When someone tries to open the door, the horizontal force is transferred into vertical pressure that secures the lock more tightly in place. Like door wedges, they work best on hard surfaces. You’ll get some protection if your room has carpeted floors, but not as much.

Hotel door lock can enhance hotel room security in Singapore.

Motion Detection Alarm

Consider a motion detecting alarm if you want to safeguard more than just your room’s entry door. These infrared sensors can be positioned in front of a window, door, or anyplace else in the room (except your bed) and will sound an alert if movement is detected.
If you’re going to use it when you’re out of the room, make sure it has a decent range (at least 10 feet, but more is better) and will automatically re-arm itself. When picking the correct position for the alarm to protect a window, keep flapping drapes and swaying tree branches in mind.
Some, with loud alarms that can be swiftly activated in an emergency, can also be used as personal security devices, so seek for that function if it’s important to you.

Travel Door Alarm

While a door alarm will not prevent access to the room, it should deter all but the most determined criminals. There are several types, but the most typical hangs from the door handle and has two metal prongs or blades pressed between the door and its frame.
The prongs disconnect when the door opens, and a loud alarm sounds. It’s a simple but efficient technique that may be used on any style of door, including ones that open outwards. These alarms usually take only a few seconds to set up, so you won’t have to waste time fiddling with them every time you leave or return to the room.

The Lock Locker

Finally, if your door has a deadbolt but you’re worried about staff or anyone gaining access because they have a spare key, the Lock Locker can help. It consists of two parts: a long flat segment that goes around the handle and a round piece that fits over most deadbolts.
Set up both pieces together, and you’ve got a mechanism that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to unlock the deadbolt from the outside, regardless of whether they have a key.

Hotel Door Lock

Make sure the hotel is using reliable hotel door lock system. Hotel door locks play a crucial role in the hospitality industry. This is because safety and security have become one of the essential elements when guests look for hotels to book. A good quality and high performance hotel door lock system can ensure the safety of customers and secure their belongings.

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