Hotel Door Locks. How to choose the best one?

Hotel Door Locks. How to choose the best one?

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What to keep in mind while choosing hotel door lock system for your business

Safety has always played an important role in our industry. However, a traditional security lock has a weak spot, which is – the key. If it is lost, the finder can easily get access to your hotel. Moreover, lock replacement is expensive and takes time. Adopting more advanced technologies may help you to avoid such problems.

Nowadays, electronic door locks, also called electric, are widely used in hotels as a practical alternative. You can open them with a PIN, a chip card, fingerprint, or app. The usage of electronic locking systems is becoming increasingly popular in the hotel industry. If you plan to invest in a new solution for your business, in this article you will find some useful tips that might help you to make the right decision.

How do electronic hotel door locks work?

One of the main advantages of smart door lock systems is their ease of use. The best option is – when the guests can access the room with one tap using the application. Here’s how keyless entry works in the integration of the HotelFriend App and a hotel locking system by Salto KS:

The types of hotel guest room locks and keys

A lot of things must be considered before you choose a certain type of lock. For instance, you should be aware that some of them need access to a stable Wi-Fi connection to work. However, with this type of system, you will be able to manage it wherever you are!

Today, there is a plethora of options on the market, which can be confusing. But to make your choice easier, we have collected relevant information on the most popular options in the hotel industry for today. Before revealing the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of locking systems, we will focus on their general characteristics.To start with, they fall into three categories: mechanical, mechatronic, and electronic.

Mechanical door locks

This type belongs to the simplest locking systems. These locks can have different lock cylinder mechanisms, e.g., with reversible or spanner keys. They are affordable, as there is a wide range of prices that can be suggested, and the installation is easy. However, they can be easily picked, and they are less convenient for elderly and disabled persons.

Thus, the good old key is now rarely used in the hotel industry.

Mechatronic locking systems

This version combines mechanical and electronic components. The main parts of this system are the locking cylinders plus programmable keys, special devices for programming, the management software, etc.

This type combines the best parts of ordinary and digital locks, providing extra security for your building. It does not require complicated wiring installation, as the power source is located within the key. Each one has a battery, which lasts approximately for a year and can be easily replaced. If the locking system features Bluetooth connection, it is possible to receive up-to-date information concerning access to the building or room where the lock is installed.

Electronic (or digital) locking systems

Electronic locks are the most innovative options available. To operate, this kind of locking system needs electricity. There should be a stable source of energy, and thus, you need to install a cable as well. Digital systems are very handy and provide a wide range of functions and features – for example, you may set a specific time for the door to lock and unlock automatically. Nowadays, you can even or use your smartphone to open the door via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth!

Here are several

1. The RFID locking system

RFID stands for ‘radio-frequency identification’, which means recognition through electromagnetic waves. The contactless transmitter-receiver system identifies objects and people by using radio waves. It can be combined with an electronic door lock. In this case, a special chip must be programmed and built into a small transponder, placed on the door. The authorization check is performed by the data transfer via the radio frequency. Depending on the provider, the guest’s transponder can look like a key fob, card, special bracelet, etc.

* FYI: The word ‘transponder’ originates from the terms ‘transmitter’ and ‘responder’ and means a wireless communication device that receives incoming signals and automatically responds to them (or transmits them).

The RFID locks are widely used in hotels because the code cards can be reprogrammed for each guest.

2. Code lock with PIN

This type of locks can be opened with a correct sequence of digits, entered on a keypad or touchpad. The input field is usually attached to a wall at a maximum of 50 cm from the code lock. Among other useful features, the software allows recording the time of access. Compared to the touchpads, keypads are splash-proof, have a smaller surface area, and thus are less vulnerable.

3. Lock with a chip card

Electric door locks with a sensor and a chip card are extremely popular with hoteliers. First of all, they can be easily reprogrammed as well. Another factor that makes them attractively convenient is the ease of use for both guests and hotel employees.

4. The lock with a smartphone control

The locking system with a smartphone app control is still relatively new. It allows users to enter the room or apartment using Bluetooth technology or Wi-Fi. Their possibilities and functions are endless! For example, you can significantly improve customer experience by combining the Mobile Check-In option with a possibility to open the door with a smartphone. This will save your guest’s time and let them avoid queueing at the reception. These locks can be easily integrated with your current Property Management System. The only drawback is that guests must always carry smartphones with them and keep the battery charged.

However, despite all the advantages of the door locks with digital keys, many things aren’t clear at the first glance. How does it all work? Is it safe and secure? How to install and maintain your digital hotel lockset? For those who consider investing in this kind of technology, we’ve made a quick list of answers to some of the frequently asked questions:

1. How to install a digital hotel door lock?

If there is a maintenance team in your hotel, your staff will handle this task without any issues. Each lockset has detailed installation instructions, so with the right tools, almost anyone can set it up.

In most cases, you won’t need to wire each door as smart hotel door locks get power from the batteries. The basic steps are practically the same as for installing a classic lock. Here’s what you’ll most likely need to do to have your new device up and running:

These are general instructions, and the specifics of installation always depend on the lock type and model. However, keep in mind that the easiest way to upgrade your door would be choosing a retrofit smart lock. It does not require replacing your old deadbolt system altogether. If you don’t have a maintenance crew on-site, you can hire a locksmith, whose labour rate usually various.

2. How to maintain keyless hotel door locks?

The rules of digital entry system maintenance are quite simple. In fact, they are similar to the rules for preserving any electronic device. If you want your new locks to serve you for a long time, here is what to do:

  • Regularly check the battery condition, replace the batteries, or charge them if they run low.
  • Clean the locks from dirt and dust by wiping them with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid sudden door slams and exclude the use of excessive force.
  • Buy the right cleaning products for your appliances.
  • Monitor the overall door condition and fix any breakdowns in time.

3. How to issue a digital key for hotel locks?

You can issue a digital key for an electronic door directly from your HotelFriend Property Management System. You can send a digital key to anybody who has a smartphone, with no need to hand over a physical key. For example, to issue such a key to your guests by email, you just need to click the Send Door Code button on the guest’s booking card.

Before or at the time of arrival, the guest needs to download the HotelFriend Concierge App. The guest will receive a reservation pin by email, log in via the mobile application and then open the Salto door lock with an App. By the way, these digital locks can also enable you to grant access for selected timeframes and block users if you need.


4. How to use a digital key?

To open a keyless hotel lock with a smartphone, you just need to bring the phone close to the reader. If you want to know exactly how it works, we can use a Salto KS system as an example. So, here is how to open a hotel door lock with your phone:

  • Step close to the lock and turn on Bluetooth on your device.
  • Open the HotelFriend Concierge or Salto KS app and press the “Digital Key” button in the lower right corner of the screen. The app will transmit the digital key to the lock.
  • Touch the lock reader with your smartphone. After the lock gives out a sound and a positive LED signal, you can enter the room.
  • You can also enter a PIN code in the Salto KS App and click “Unlock” in the App to unlock the door.

5. How to generate a PIN code for a smart lock?

Depending on the model, you can either create your own numerical code directly on the keypad or in the application. For your guests, the most convenient option would be to set their own combination of numbers that are easy to remember. The PIN code can play the role of an additional protective measure from unwanted access.

6. Do smart hotel locks work when the power is out?

Each hotel has its own specific system which works in its own way. However, most locks are battery powered which means that they have an autonomous power source. This way, when the lights are out in the hotel, the locks and keys will still work. These batteries can last for several years, and with timely replacement, you won’t face any problems.

In addition, smart locks have a built-in backup battery that lasts for several days. Such devices as VingCard and Saflok can also be opened with special remote control in case the batteries are dead. It grants additional power to the lock so that you can open it and enter the code.

7. Do electronic hotel doors lock automatically?

The availability of this feature also depends on the lock type and manufacturer. Some smart locks can block the door if it is open for some time. You can turn the auto-lock feature on or off in the app. Here, you can also set the desired timeframe, in which the door will close automatically. You can also set the option for the door to lock itself immediately after it was closed. Check with your lock provider if such a feature is available.

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Cost and ROI Analysis of Hotel Smart Door Lock Systems

Cost and ROI Analysis of Hotel Smart Door Lock Systems

Investing in a hotel smart door lock system may seem like a significant expense at first, but it’s important to consider the long-term benefits and return on investment (ROI) that these systems can provide. Here’s a closer look at the cost and ROI analysis of hotel smart door lock systems.

Initial Costs of Implementing A Smart Door Lock System

First, let’s consider the initial costs of implementing a smart door lock system. These costs typically include the cost of the locks themselves, installation fees, and any necessary hardware or software. The cost of a smart door lock system can vary depending on the type of lock and the level of customization required, but in general, these costs can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars per door.

Long-term Benefits & Reduce Costs

However, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits that these systems can provide. With smart door locks, hotels can reduce costs associated with lost keys and keycard replacement. Additionally, with remote management capabilities, hotel staff can reduce the time and resources needed to manage room access and respond to security concerns.

Enhance Hotel Guests Experience

Furthermore, smart door locks can enhance the guest experience, which can lead to increased revenue and return visits. Guests will appreciate the convenience and security that smart door locks provide, which can lead to positive reviews and recommendations to other potential guests.

Long-term Value Of a Smart Door Lock System

When considering the ROI of a smart door lock system, it’s important to evaluate the expected lifespan of the system and the potential cost savings and revenue increases that can be generated over that period. By factoring in these benefits and considering the long-term value of a smart door lock system, hotels can make informed decisions about the investment and determine if it is a worthwhile expense.

Hotel Smart Lock Is a Worthwhile Investment

Overall, while the initial cost of a hotel smart door lock system may seem significant, the long-term benefits and ROI potential make it a worthwhile investment. By reducing costs, enhancing the guest experience, and increasing revenue potential, smart door locks can provide a significant return on investment for hotels.

Raizo Keyless Digital Lock from Singapore

Raizo R300 is one of smart lock product category from Raizo Singapore.


Material: Aluminium Alloy

Unlocking ways: Fingerprint, Password, RFID Card, Bluetooth, Mechanical Key, WiFi (optional)

Working voltage: 6V/4pcs of AA Alkaline Batteries

Door Thickness to fit: 35mm~65mm

Capacity: Fingerprint (200), Password (150), RFID Card (200)

Colour: Black, Silver

Working temperature: -10°C ~ 55°C

Working humidity: 0-95%

Low voltage alarm: 4.8V

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Security and Privacy Considerations for Hotel Smart Door Locks

Security and Privacy Considerations for Hotel Smart Door Locks

As hotels continue to embrace technology, smart door locks have become an increasingly popular choice for securing guest rooms. However, with this convenience comes concerns about security and privacy.

When considering hotel smart door locks, it is important to assess the security features of the system. Look for locks with strong encryption and authentication protocols to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, ensure that the locks are tamper-proof and have anti-tamper sensors that can detect and alert security personnel of any attempts to bypass the lock.

Another consideration is the potential for privacy breaches. Smart door locks can collect data about guest movements and access patterns, and it is essential that this information is stored securely and not shared with unauthorized parties. The hotel should have policies in place to ensure that guest data is protected and only accessed by authorized personnel.

Also, hotel smart locks allow for easy access without the need for physical keys. Guests can unlock it with password, access card, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other smart devices, to unlock the door, making entry into the room more convenient and hassle-free. For example, hotels can set up access passcodes that expire after a certain period of time, which can be useful for managing room turnover.

Hotel guests should also be informed about the smart door lock system and how their privacy will be protected. This can be done through clear signage and communication during the check-in process. Additionally, guests should be given the option to opt-out of the smart door lock system if they have concerns about privacy.

Overall, security and privacy considerations should be a top priority when implementing hotel smart door locks. By choosing a system with strong security features, protecting guest data, and communicating effectively with guests, hotels can ensure that smart door locks are a safe and secure addition to their facilities.

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Comparing Key Card Systems to Traditional Key Systems In Singapore Hotels

Comparing Key Card Systems to Traditional Key Systems In Singapore Hotels

When it comes to hotel room access, there are two main options: traditional keys or hotel key card. In Singapore, many hotels have switched to hotel key card systems as they offer numerous advantages over traditional keys. However, it’s important to understand the differences between the two and determine which system is best for your hotel.

Traditional keys are easy to use and have been around for centuries. They are often durable and can be easily duplicated, which can be a security concern. Hotel key cards, on the other hand, are more secure as they can’t be easily duplicated and can be programmed to expire after a certain period of time.

In terms of convenience, hotel key cards offer many benefits for guests. They are easy to use and can be quickly replaced if lost or damaged. They also allow for more customization, such as granting access to certain areas of the hotel or setting limits on room charges.

From a hotel management perspective, key card systems offer numerous advantages. They are easier to manage and can be programmed remotely, which saves time and money. They also provide more accurate tracking of room access, which can be helpful for security and accounting purposes.

In addition, hotel key card systems can enhance the overall guest experience by integrating with other hotel technologies, such as mobile apps and room automation. For example, guests can use the hotel key cards to control the temperature and lighting in their rooms, or to access hotel amenities such as the gym or pool.

At the hotel in Singapore, a lot of hotels have made the switch to a hotel key card system to provide their guests with the best possible experience. Because hotel key cards are secure, customizable, and easy to use. They also integrate seamlessly with other hotel technologies to provide a personalized and convenient experience for hotel guests.

If you’re looking for Singapore supplier that offers the latest in hotel key card technology, look no further than ours. Our commitment to guest satisfaction and hotel security means that we’re always looking for ways to improve our amenities, and hotel key card system is just one example of this dedication.

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PMS System for Hotel

PMS System for Hotel

What is a Hotel PMS?

Reservations, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, billing and invoicing, analytics, and reporting are all part of a hotel property management system (PMS), which is a collection of tools hoteliers use to run their businesses.
A modern (Cloud-Based) PMS system aims to save hotel managers and their employees time and money by automating all of these tasks.

Why a hotel need a PMS system?

It is now possible for a hotel management system (PMS) to handle everything from room inventory and reservations through housekeeping and room allocations. Additionally, you may now plan out preventive maintenance, create housekeeping room attendant sheets and even manage your conference, meeting, and banquet rooms.
Integrations are another area where PMS have made tremendous progress. Open API have made it feasible for tech startups, software developers, and even established behemoths to offer useful and novel technology that hotels can use with the press of a button. When it comes to integrating with third-party solutions such as channel managers, point-of-sale systems and payment gateways (Visa and Master Card, for example), you have complete control.

Automates the daily tasks and responsibilities of the workforce

Hotels that use hotel management systems to their maximum potential use the system’s features to speed up and optimize their current procedures. As long as the system is equipped with the necessary “tools,” daily activities become much more manageable. Hotel business operations can be taken care of with the use of these tools or features, as they’re referred to.
Standard operating procedures (SOPs) like posting restaurant receipts, checking guests in and out, and adding special deals for your store, restaurant, or spa can all be made easier with a PMS.
For the hotel to take full use of the latest hotel technology, such as a channel manager to collect bookings from online travel agents, revenue management to optimize income, and POS systems for food and beverage management, regardless of vendor, must be built into the PMS ecosystem. All hotels should have these elements in order to run smoothly and provide the best possible experience for guests.
They perceive a major benefit in the efficiency of check-in and check-out, as well as in the management of guests’ relationships and the optimization of housekeeping through the use of property management systems.
Because hotel personnel can focus on the needs and wishes of guests instead of dealing with a wide range of hotel management system issues on the computer, the visitor experience is also enhanced

Online and multi-device access to hotel data

While some hotels still use desktop or laptop computers or laptops to access their PMS, the number of hoteliers who utilize tablets or mobile phones is steadily increasing.
The independence and peace of mind that comes with using a mobile hotel property management system will make your job as a hotelier much easier, even if you prefer to work on a desktop or laptop.
Your hotel business can benefit greatly from mobile access when it comes to managing several sales channels. When competing with other hotels, you need to be able to reply quickly and accurately, which implies that you must always have access to:

  • The OTA’s channel manager (Expedia,, etc.).
  • Internet-based social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • PMS for hotel operations management

Effectively controlling all of these aspects from wherever you are will ensure that your hotel (whether an independent or part of a hotel chain) meets its commercial objectives.

Ensure that your guest records and data are the highest quality

Best PMS system for hotel in Singapore

A smart hotel management system will not only speed up the check-in and check-out processes, but it will also considerably improve the administration of your guest information and data.
the most significant aspects of guest data are easily managed by a decent hotel property management system:

  • Guests’ personal information, such as their name, date of birth, country, and preferences, is first collected by the hotel.
  • Storage of data in a secure, logical, and easy-to-use manner is the second step in the data lifecycle.
  • Data use is where the magic happens for hoteliers; using high-quality data allows you to construct tailored marketing and advertising campaigns directed at your ideal customers.
  • Providing a more personalized service to your visitors will surely improve your relationship with them and raise your hotel’s revenue at the same time.

Use accurate real-time data to make better decisions

With the right hotel management system, you can access the most relevant and accurate information at any time. Additionally, reservations, cleaning and maintenance management fall under this category. You no longer have to comb through mountains of data from many sources – everything you need is on a single platform that you can access at any time and from any location.
Hotel management systems aren’t all the same. But there are exceptions, and some are better than others. It’s important to find a simple and accurate approach to manage your reservations, check-ins, and check-outs in a hotel management system, and to look for a system that integrates with other systems.

With open API integrations, hoteliers can use whichever systems and software they want to enhance their hotel operations. When it comes to increasing profits, being able to make advantage of the latest technology is a need.

In order to provide a seamless experience for your guests, you must be able to manage all of the behind-the-scenes logistics with ease, so that you can spend your time and energy on what you do best, providing an exceptional level of service.

Hence, you have to make sure your hotel door locks for instant Raizo hotel locks can partner with a variety of centralized PMS hubs.

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How to Secure Your Hotel Room Security

How to Secure Your Hotel Room Security

Are you worried about the security of your hotel room when you travel? You never really know who else has a key to your room, or how good the locks and deadbolts actually are.

Luckily, there are several easy, inexpensive ways to secure the room more effectively. Here are five of the best.

Best Hotel Room Security Elements

Door Wedge

A rubber door wedge is the simplest method to add extra protection to your hotel room, and many travellers swear by them. They’re inexpensive, take up almost no room in your backpack, and require only a few seconds to set up. Simply slip the narrow end of the wedge under the door jam and lightly kick it into place to secure it.
Although some door wedges come with a Velcro strip to keep them from sliding on carpet, they function best on hard surfaces like wood or tile. You may even purchase variants with an alarm that will sound if the wedge is disturbed for added security.
For the wedge to work, the door you’re locking must open inwards. Most hotel doors do, but it’s important to remember.

Portable Door Locks

Another straightforward approach to securing your room is by using a portable door lock. These come in several shapes and styles, but they all work in a similar way, preventing the door from opening inwards. Again, for that reason, they won’t protect you when the door to your room opens out into the corridor.

Most portable locks have one piece that fits into the metal plate where the existing latch or lock goes, and another that sits across the back of the door. When locked in place, these prevent the door from opening unless someone physically breaks it down—not the most subtle of approaches.

A few portable locks take a different approach, with a piece that slides under the door jam, and a plate that screws down onto the floor.

When someone tries to open the door, the horizontal force is transferred into vertical pressure that secures the lock more tightly in place. Like door wedges, they work best on hard surfaces. You’ll get some protection if your room has carpeted floors, but not as much.

Hotel door lock can enhance hotel room security in Singapore.

Motion Detection Alarm

Consider a motion detecting alarm if you want to safeguard more than just your room’s entry door. These infrared sensors can be positioned in front of a window, door, or anyplace else in the room (except your bed) and will sound an alert if movement is detected.
If you’re going to use it when you’re out of the room, make sure it has a decent range (at least 10 feet, but more is better) and will automatically re-arm itself. When picking the correct position for the alarm to protect a window, keep flapping drapes and swaying tree branches in mind.
Some, with loud alarms that can be swiftly activated in an emergency, can also be used as personal security devices, so seek for that function if it’s important to you.

Travel Door Alarm

While a door alarm will not prevent access to the room, it should deter all but the most determined criminals. There are several types, but the most typical hangs from the door handle and has two metal prongs or blades pressed between the door and its frame.
The prongs disconnect when the door opens, and a loud alarm sounds. It’s a simple but efficient technique that may be used on any style of door, including ones that open outwards. These alarms usually take only a few seconds to set up, so you won’t have to waste time fiddling with them every time you leave or return to the room.

The Lock Locker

Finally, if your door has a deadbolt but you’re worried about staff or anyone gaining access because they have a spare key, the Lock Locker can help. It consists of two parts: a long flat segment that goes around the handle and a round piece that fits over most deadbolts.
Set up both pieces together, and you’ve got a mechanism that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to unlock the deadbolt from the outside, regardless of whether they have a key.

Hotel Door Lock

Make sure the hotel is using reliable hotel door lock system. Hotel door locks play a crucial role in the hospitality industry. This is because safety and security have become one of the essential elements when guests look for hotels to book. A good quality and high performance hotel door lock system can ensure the safety of customers and secure their belongings.

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Bluetooth Hotel Lock System

Bluetooth hotel lock system from Raizo

Raizo Bluetooth hotel door lock is a smart door lock with a low-power Bluetooth module and network control via a mobile phone application. The Raizo Bluetooth smart door lock system solution includes a built-in BLE module that communicates with the mobile phone APP to read the information from the smart lock, pair it with the phone, and deliver an unlock request to the server. The server sends the unlock command to the mobile phone, which receives it and then transmits it to the smart lock via Bluetooth to unlock it. Say goodbye to the traditional key unlocking, imprecise fingerprint recognition, and easy-to-forget passwords by using a contactless method for user authority control, remote control, and messaging.

Raizo Bluetooth Hotel Lock System Solution Features

  • Low power consumption: Only using AA Alkaline batteries
  • Smart management: Authority management, sending ekeys
  • Security alert: Anti panic, lift up the handle for security deadbolt lock
  • Unlocking method: Perform a number of functions such as fingerprint, PIN, RFID card, mobile phone APP, short-range Bluetooth unlocking, and remote authorization of family and friends to unlock.
  • Unlocking method of hotel door lock system solution: Raizo R-Core solution, providing keycard, passcode and App ekey unlock
  • Routine function Bluetooth APP unlock: Mobile phone Bluetooth APP control unlock, check the situation at home anytime, anywhere

Raizo Bluetooth Hotel Lock System Cloud Management

  • Smart operation and maintenance: Execute timely system upgrades and maintenance, and effectively supervises hotel management, access management, security management, data management, and resource coupling.
  • Question support: If a guest forgets to bring their key or access control with them when they leave, one-key unlocking with a fingerprint or password improves the guest experience.
  • Fast Door to Door: To solve the troublesome door-to-door cleaning and maintenance appointment, a temporary password is provided.
Benefits of contactless check-in hotel solution from Raizo smart lock Singapore.

Raizo Bluetooth Smart Lock System Applicable Scene

Bluetooth smart lock for the whole family to improve home security, smart control can give a range of keyless unlocking options for family members and immediately make aware when non-users enter.

Raizo Bluetooth hotel lock allows the guest to register using their smart ID after completing the registration process of the hotel room, eliminating the risk of losing the room card key, which is useful for multi-user administration.

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Hotel Door Lock Supplier: How do hotel locks work?

Hotel Door Lock Supplier: How do hotel locks work?

While specific hotel door lock systems may vary by hotel, chances are they use one of the following hotel door locks:
  1. Magnetic Door Locks
  2. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Door Locks
While both options are still widely popular today, RFID hotel door locks are becoming more prevalent for their ease of use, updated security, and keyless solutions.
While magnetic key card door locks are an affordable option for hotels, they do have some disadvantages:
  • The magnetic strip is prone to wear and damage, as is the card reader.
  • It’s easy to lose, making security more vulnerable.
  • Inexpensive devices can easily hack these cards affecting security

Raizo RFID Hotel Door Lock

RFID hotel door lock offer hotels and guests more options than traditional magnetic key card door locks. RFID technology is widely used in various industries for tracking inventory and controlling access. When used for hotel room access, RFID door locks utilize a combination of the following components, depending on the system:
  • RFID door lock card reader
  • RFID key card or key fob
  • Mobile device
  • Bluetooth compatible smart device

The RFID hotel locking system does not require users to insert or swipe a card. Instead, it uses proximity and radio frequencies to communicate with the RFID reader on the door. Containing similar information as magnetic key cards, hotels program RFID key card, or smart device access when a guest checks in. When waved in front of the card reader, the key card or smart device quickly communicates the user’s info with the door lock reader, verifies authorized access, and unlocks the door to the user.

Raizo RFID Hotel Door Lock - R6500

Advantages of RFID hotel lock

  • Smart device access improves security.
  • It is not necessary to have a physical card that can be easily lost.
  • If RFID cards are used, they are more durable.
  • With no swiping or insertion, it eliminates wear and tear to the reader.
  • It can be programmed to allow or restrict access to hotel amenities and other access points.
Benefits of contactless check-in hotel solution from Raizo smart lock Singapore.

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Which Electronic Door Lock is Right for Your Hotels?

Which Electronic Door Lock is Right for Your Hotels?

Your hotel lobby, front desk reception, and guest rooms all set the tone for your guests’ experience, and they all share a property asset that has a surprisingly large impact on that experience: your electronic hotel door locks.

Is there a line for your guests to obtain their key? Do the electronic locks complement the hotel’s interior style or stand out as bulky and out of place? Is the security of the keycards guaranteed? Is it true that they work every time?

Returning to the front desk to replace a faulty keycard is a sure way to make a poor first impression. The hotel sector is increasingly implementing contactless keyless entry systems, allowing visitors to bypass the front desk entirely and access their rooms via their mobile devices. In other words, if your hotel visitors have to think twice about locking the doors, that’s two times too many.

Upgrading your locks is a once-in-a-decade expenditure for many hotel owners, so selecting the correct match is critical. We’ve put up an overview of lock technology, varieties, and major providers to help you navigate through your options and decide which is best for your property – and your visitors.

What is the technology behind electronic hotel door lock system ?

Anything that goes beyond the typical metal key and lock’s physical access methods will use technology. This technology authenticates the key, causing the hotel door lock to open and close. The various choices differ primarily in how the “key” is encoded and subsequently communicates with the hotel room lock’s reader.

Each choice has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. However, the locking system you select will decide the types and providers of smart locks available to you, so this is the ideal place to start.

Card with a Magnetic Stripe

Magnetic key card technology first appeared in the 1970s, and it constituted a significant advancement in lock technology. This small, plastic keycard features a magnetic stripe that is encoded to function with a specific guestroom lock, similar to a credit card. When a magnetic key card is swiped in the magstripe reader on the correct guestroom door, the door is unlocked for a certain amount of time, usually several seconds. The magstripe scanner, like other electronic hotel locks, is powered by batteries, which normally last 12-18 months before needing to be replaced.


At their pricing point, magstripe keycards can be single-use, and they’ve been the industry standard electronic locking system for decades. This option is likely to be well-known among your guests.


Demagnetization is a common occurrence. If a guest inserts a magnetic key card near an electromagnetic field (such as a smartphone or television), the encoding may be damaged, resulting in a failure (and a trip to the front desk for a replacement). Dirt and dust collection in the card reader slot can potentially impede lock operation. Magstripe cards are rarely reused by hotels, resulting in an unnecessary recurring expense and environmental issues.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

RFID keycards hotel door lock employing Mifare technology just need to be held up within a few inches of the lock to get entry. The electronic locks have an RFID module that broadcasts a signal over modulated radio waves that triggers an in-range keycard to submit its unique encoded guest access information, which the module then authenticates to unlock the door.


RFID keycards and locks were created to eliminate the drawbacks of magstripe locking systems. Hotels can also re-use RFID keycards.


RFID keycards are expensive for replacing keycards that are not returned, misplaced, or stolen (which can also pose a threat to guestroom and hotel security).

BLE Hotel Lock (Bluetooth Low Energy)

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Today’s mobile key solutions are powered by BLE technology. These locks, like RFID and NFC locks, constantly broadcast a signal that awaits interaction with an encoded key, though the key is digital in this case. Initially, however, Bluetooth locks were ineffective for hotels, necessitating battery replacement every six months.


BLE locks have a battery life of 12-18 months and have both BLE and RFID modules, allowing them to be operated using a proximity card or a digital key. With BLE module lock modifications, RFID-only locks can also be readily and economically fitted. With BLE, hotels don’t have to replace keycards as frequently, and visitors spend less time waiting at the front desk because mobile keys allow for contactless check-in. Guests can also use hotel mobile apps to get digital keys, which provides a direct marketing channel for hotels to generate more revenue.


Hotels had a hard time convincing customer to download their hotel mobile app for digital key access for the first few years with BLE locks and digital keys.

The Importance of Electronic Hotel Lock

Hotel guest door locks have come a long way from the mechanical lock and metal key of the past. Hotel door lock technologies and hardware available today can dramatically improve your hotel’s visitor experience — one door lock at a time.

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Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis

Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis

Are you going to build a new hotel and purchase a complete hotel smart lock system? Or are you going to replace the old magnetic card lock system with a smart RFID hotel room key card system?

If so, you must need to know what hardware the smart card hotel lock system includes and the prices of each product and service, choosing the right hotel door lock hardware to serve your hotel and better control costs.

Hotel Smart Lock System Price

Basic Hardware

The standard necessary hardware of a complete hotel smart lock system includes hotel locks, card encoder, room RFID cards, management software, and data collectors.

Types of Hotel Smart Lock

The hotel lock is the core component of the hotel smart lock system, and its primary function is to lock the guest room door. And hotel door locks divided into RFID hotel door locks, Bluetooth apartment door locks, or Airbnb smart locks

Types of RFID in Hotel Door Lock

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Most hotels currently use RFID hotel door locks, and standard RFID smart card locks are divided into RFID Mifare hotel locks and RFID Temic hotel locks.

MIFARE hotel door locks’ price is slightly higher under normal circumstances than the TEMIC hotel door locks. The difference is that the Temic hotel lock can only use the corresponding TEMIC card for simple operations such as opening the door and taking electricity. In contrast, the Mifare card hotel lock can use the Mifare card to open the door, take electricity, and be used for hotel elevator control, restaurant dining, the gym is operated by waiting card.

Door Lock Materials

Different materials of hotel smart lock also affect their price, and the commonly used materials of hotel locks are mainly stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Zinc Alloy Hotel Door Lock Price:

The texture of zinc alloy material is relatively soft and comfortable to forge and process. Zinc alloy hotel door locks are often used for high-end, luxurious, and fashionable hotel door locks. However, compared with stainless steel, zinc alloy materials are slightly inferior in rust resistance and are easily damaged by severe external shocks and external forces. Therefore, to avoid corrosion and rust, the zinc alloy hotel lock needs to be surface treated after casting. Simultaneously, zinc alloy hotel locks are unsuitable for hotels near the sea or under bad weather conditions.

Stainless Steel Hotel Lock Price:

Hotel locks with stainless steel panels are more sturdy than zinc alloys, and stainless steel has better corrosion resistance and violent resistance. Especially in modern hotels, the hotel locks with stainless steel panels have excellent anti-drilling, fireproofing, and electric saws. Therefore, stainless steel hotel door locks are suitable for outdoor hotels, beach hotels, or hotel locks with harsh weather conditions. In general, the price of stainless steel hotel locks is slightly higher than that of zinc alloy hotel locks.

Hotel Door Lock System Management Software

The hotel smart lock system management software‘s primary function is to perform a series of operations and management of guest check-in at the hotel’s front desk, including reservation, registration, room arrangement, room exchange, room card arrangement, critical card loss, etc., functional activities.

Hotel lock management software can also perform various types of information queries, report generation, and printing. Under normal circumstances, the hotel lock suppliers will provide hotel lock system management software for customers to use for free, but some powerful brands may charge a certain fee.

Simultaneously, some customers will request related customization services for the hotel lock system management software, adding additional functions, adding company information, and LOGO operations. The entire system cannot be used generally with the hotel lock system management software and the card issuer. At this time, you also need to ask the hotel door lock system supplier for the registration code of the software before the software has been registered before it can be used usually. The registration code is generally charged annually.

Besides, some large-scale or chain hotels require that the hotel locks they purchase can be used on their own PMS or APP. At this time, the hotel lock supplier needs to provide the SDK of its hotel lock system management software. The SDK is also charged, and the systems supported by different manufacturers’ management software are different.

Hotel Smart Lock Installation Price

If a new hotel needs to install hotel door locks, we generally do not recommend the hotel staff install the hotel smart lock by themselves. Because the installation and commissioning of hotel locks are slightly complicated work, the door’s measurement, the opening of the hole, the structure of the lock body, and the installation require professional installation work. If you install it by yourself, the door may not open and close normally. The occurrence of situations such as the lock not working.

Therefore, we suggest that it is best to find a suitable hotel door lock installation service company locally and let them come to install hotel locks. Of course, this price may be unbearable for some small hotels, but don’t worry. General hotel door lock system suppliers will provide complete hotel lock installation documents and video tutorials or install it yourself.

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Hotel Door Lock Replacement Cost

In some cases, if your hotel is using an older magnetic card hotel lock, now you want to replace the hotel door lock with a more advanced hotel smart lock system, then in addition to considering the price of the new MIFARE hotel lock. You will also need to consider whether the new hotel lock can generally be installed in the original installation space.

If not, you were then digging holes again. Would you mind making sure you can find a suitable hotel lock before replacing the door lock for your hotel? Because there is no need for re-drilling and measuring, the only installation work is required, and the price of the replacement door lock for the hotel will be slightly lower than the hotel door lock installation cost.

Many factors are affecting the price of installation services. In addition to the size and brand effect of the installation service company, the installation service personnel’s proficiency, the time required to install the lock, the installation location, and the level of security needed must also be considered.

Therefore, it is recommended that the hotel install it again. Before, communicate with the smart door lock installation service company in depth to obtain all the necessary information you need to know.

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