Raizo Contactless Hotel Check-in Technology

Raizo Contactless Check-in for Hotels

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our travel habits in numerous ways. The future guest has different expectations from their hotel stay; health and hygiene are now a top focus for both hoteliers and guests. A frictionless guest experience, beginning with a contactless check-in procedure, is one way hotels can protect their visitors’ health and safety.

What is Contactless Check-in?

There are several points of contact throughout the check-in procedure, not to mention the possibility of social distance in the hotel lobby or front desk line. Contactless check-in, on the other hand, makes use of technology to minimize these points of contact.

Mobile check-in allows visitors to check-in via mobile device or on-site using a self-check-in kiosk prior to arrival, reducing time spent waiting in public areas and communication with front desk staff. Some hotels do this by offering an app through which clients can log in and receive room information.

Guests with keyless entry have quick access to their rooms and can lock the door with a Mobile Key on their mobile phone. This technology eliminates the need to visit the front desk upon arrival, as well as the annoyance of misplaced or demagnetized keys that must be replaced during their stay.

Raizo Contactless Check-in Hotel Solution

Raizo contactless check in hotel technology in Singapore.

Our Raizo R300 smart door lock works through with or without WIFI communication. The smart lock will come with a corresponding mobile app allowing you to control all its features at the touch of a button.

Raizo R300, to operate as a hotel door lock, Raizo Smart Hotel is the lock management system and it is different from the other common hotel door lock system where it can provide 3 methods for the guests to check-in the room:

  • RFID Card
  • Password
  • Mobile App

Strength of Raizo Contactless Check-in Hotel Solution

  • Easy to set up and user friendly
  • Less wiring
  • Provide 3 access methods: RFID Card, Password, Mobile Apps
  • Guests no need to download apps to access the guest room by using passwords
  • Everything can process online through e-booking system and mobile app
  • Guests do not need to suffer from long queue anymore
  • Manage the operation online (renew password, e-keys)

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The Benefits of Contactless Check-in

The Benefits of Contactless Check-in

Contactless check in the hotel isn’t just a pandemic work-around: hotel guests like the efficiency and convenience of managing their own arrival process. And, hotels can save time and money by using the contactless check-in technology in their properties.

Benefits of contactless check-in hotel solution from Raizo smart lock Singapore.

Even before the pandemic, keyless entry was an increasingly important feature for the hotel guests.

According to survey data from Raizo,

  • Keyless entry leads to an average increase of 7% in guest satisfaction scores
  • Guest satisfaction scores drop by 50% when there’s a 5-minute wait at check-in
  • 46% of guests prefer managing their own arrival process
  • 49% of guests say enjoy high-tech experience in the hotel such as mobile key

Advantages of keyless check in

Likewise, hotels are able to run more efficiently through mobile check-in and keyless entry technology. Mobile check-in saves time and effort for staff, as documentation, T&Cs, and on-site offers can be sent to guests’ pre-arrival. Mobile check-in solutions help hotels gather customer insights about their guests: learn what their preferences are with a pre-arrival questionnaire, and see which offers and amenities a guest chooses to learn about before their stay. It’s also a simple way to send through upsell offers, highlight on-site features, and capture ancillary revenue without having to meet face-to-face.

Contactless check-in hotel solution from Raizo smart lock Singapore.

Raizo supplies smart lock and hotel door lock worldwide. We are now welcoming any business partners from worldwide to join as our Raizo Smart Lock distributor.

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3 Tips for Making Contactless Check-in at Your Property

3 Tips for Making Contactless Check-in at Your Property

With the right technology, implementing contactless check-in for your hotel is relatively painless. It does, however, take some proactive communication with guests so that they know what to expect before arrival.

Contactless check-in hotel solution from Raizo smart lock Singapore.

1. Send pre-arrival emails

The pre-arrival emails detailing the check-in process and what security measures your team has put in place on-site. This email should accomplish two things. First, it should reassure guests that you are taking their health seriously. Second, it should give guests step-by-step instructions for how to check-in through their mobile device or onsite kiosk, as well as how they will receive their room key. Share this information at least 12 hours before their arrival.

2. Make sure to send information about every step of the arrival

Including whether there will be a valet, what the mask requirements are, and if someone can expect to have their temperature taken and recorded.

3. Clear signage for the guests when they arrived

When the guest arrives, make sure that there’s clear signage to let them know what to do next. Provide the same step-by-step check-in instructions that you sent via email. Include directions to find different areas of the property and to help guests learn how to use keyless entry. And, of course, provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the lobby.

Raizo supplies smart lock and hotel door lock worldwide. We are now welcoming any business partners from worldwide to join as our Raizo Smart Lock distributor.

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Hotel Door Lock Supplier Thailand

Hotel Door Lock Supplier Thailand

If you are running a hotel or resort business in the hospitality industry in Thailand, you will need to find the hotel lock suppliers
who can offer a one stop hotel door locks system and solution which comes with a reasonable price.

What are the latest trends in the hospitality industry? Well, it goes without saying that the coronavirus outbreak and ensuing safety measures have had a significant impact on hospitality throughout 2020 and will no doubt spill over into 2021 and beyond. However, through our empirical knowledge, we can know that travelling or tourism has become a universal hobby around the world. The non-stop growing of tourism, also raise a considerable number of problems, the most obviously one would be the hotel management.

Multiple solutions are already offered, nowadays, most hotels are equipped with smart digital door locks. But the optimization of the solutions is still worth our attention and dedication. And one of the most important part of the hotel management is the door lock to every door in your hotel. And here’s why the hotel operator would want to seek the quality hotel lock suppliers who can offer the best hotel door lock systems.

There are actually a lot of factors a hotel operator should consider when this question comes across. For example, the materials of the door locks, the stability of the door locks, the capacity of the battery and the battery consumption rate, the security level of the door locks, the hotel key card issue system, the operation system of the set, the PMS software user interface, etc. given all these aspects a hotel operator should consider, he/she would be able to choose the right hotel locks suppliers to get what they need.

Raizo Hotel Door Lock

Professional Hotel Lock

There are actually tons of hotel locks suppliers or manufacturers in this world. But here I shall introduce Raizo, you may have never heard of us, but we hope we could offer another choice for you and see if we can meet your needs, among all the hotel locks suppliers out there.

Raizo is a professional digital door lock and hotel door lock supplier. We possess more than 20 years of experience of in smart door lock industry and provide hospitality solution. After the 20 years dedication and hardworking, Raizo is now one of the best hotel lock and digital door lock suppliers in Singapore.

Our products are used and trusted by many customers in Singapore and even around the world. We are granted a considerable number of authoritative certifications, FCC, UL, CE etc. At the same time, we also have long lasting cooperated relationships with multiple excellent distributors and companies. We always hold the vision and mission of serving you better, high quality and contribute to create a better society. Improving customers’ life and experience would always be our goal. We make these statements based on truth.

Hotel Lock Management Software

Raizo is hotel door lock supplier and provide hotel lock management software in Singapore.

Let me introduce our hospitality solution for the hotel operators. We crafted our hotel door lock system brand Raizo to serve you better. Raizo hotel lock management system requires only a host computer, a card encoder and a software to operate. Authorized software system is integrated to the PMS system for data safety and convenience. Room card issuing, room status checking and hotel management can be handled only via one system to save maintenance cost. Host computer is for installing lock management software, card encoder is for reading and encoding (issue) the card.

We also support and offer the software interfaces eg. DLL, Fidelio/Opera, File, Socket, PMS-VC to connect the lock management software with other hotel management systems, with database automatic backup function, preventing the system crash by any wrong or inappropriate operation. Our user-interface is friendly and easy to operate, we use well-design icons to indicate the different specific room states, multiple shortcut buttons connect with different independent operations. Lastly, the system is equipped with distinct management responsibility, different hotel staffs have different level of permission to access the systems. We did our best to try to meet your requirement.

Raizo is an available and good hotel lock option for you to compare with other hotel locks suppliers, so that you can make a decision better, we will be glad if we could help you. Hopefully we would establish a partnership one day. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.

We are Singapore leading digital door lock and hotel door lock supplier. We supply digital lock to most Asia countries eg. Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Philippines etc. and well-known as the largest smart lock supplier.

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