Raizo Contactless Hotel Check-in Technology

Raizo Contactless Check-in for Hotels

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our travel habits in numerous ways. The future guest has different expectations from their hotel stay; health and hygiene are now a top focus for both hoteliers and guests. A frictionless guest experience, beginning with a contactless check-in procedure, is one way hotels can protect their visitors’ health and safety.

What is Contactless Check-in?

There are several points of contact throughout the check-in procedure, not to mention the possibility of social distance in the hotel lobby or front desk line. Contactless check-in, on the other hand, makes use of technology to minimize these points of contact.

Mobile check-in allows visitors to check-in via mobile device or on-site using a self-check-in kiosk prior to arrival, reducing time spent waiting in public areas and communication with front desk staff. Some hotels do this by offering an app through which clients can log in and receive room information.

Guests with keyless entry have quick access to their rooms and can lock the door with a Mobile Key on their mobile phone. This technology eliminates the need to visit the front desk upon arrival, as well as the annoyance of misplaced or demagnetized keys that must be replaced during their stay.

Raizo Contactless Check-in Hotel Solution

Raizo contactless check in hotel technology in Singapore.

Our Raizo R300 smart door lock works through with or without WIFI communication. The smart lock will come with a corresponding mobile app allowing you to control all its features at the touch of a button.

Raizo R300, to operate as a hotel door lock, Raizo Smart Hotel is the lock management system and it is different from the other common hotel door lock system where it can provide 3 methods for the guests to check-in the room:

  • RFID Card
  • Password
  • Mobile App

Strength of Raizo Contactless Check-in Hotel Solution

  • Easy to set up and user friendly
  • Less wiring
  • Provide 3 access methods: RFID Card, Password, Mobile Apps
  • Guests no need to download apps to access the guest room by using passwords
  • Everything can process online through e-booking system and mobile app
  • Guests do not need to suffer from long queue anymore
  • Manage the operation online (renew password, e-keys)

Raizo supplies smart lock and hotel door lock worldwide. We are now welcoming any business partners from worldwide to join as our Raizo Smart Lock distributor.

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