Smart Lock App – TTLock Guide

Smart Lock App provides a variety of options for keeping your Android phone unlocked in preapproved, known-to-be-safe circumstances. It’s an easily overlooked but incredibly useful feature that lets you create a sensible balance between security and convenience. And once you set it up, it’s simple as can be to use.

In this article, we are going to introduce a smart lock app which is widely used in most smart lock and also the features of TTLock you should know.

What is TTLock ?

TTLock app is a management software for smart lock. This app can be used to manage various types of smart locks, including door lock, cabinet lock, safe lock, bedroom lock and so on. The App and the lock communicate via Bluetooth to unlock, lock, hardware upgrade, read operation record, etc on the App. The Bluetooth key can also help to open the smart lock through the AI watch.

The Features of TTLock app You Should Know

Send eKey

With this function, you can share the eKey with the person you choose, so that you can safely share access permissions! You only need to select the “Send eKey” option, and then select the type of eKey you want to share. The user can use options such as “Timed” and “Permanent”. Through these options, he can set time limits for eKeys.

TTLock can generate the eKey for Raizo digital door lock in Singapore.

Generate and send password

Sharing access has become easier and more intuitive! Another feature of Shared Smart Access is that you can generate a password, and then share the password with the person you choose!

Schedule your password

Now you can arrange the password by choosing the type of password you want! This can be done by choosing from a series of options from fixed and timed passwords to recurring passwords that are activated only in a fixed mode during a certain period of time.


You will know who opened the digital lock, when it was opened, the unlock method used by the personnel, etc. These constant notifications allow you to continuously monitor the activity on the digital door lock. In this way, you can remotely manage TTLock APP without worrying about the safety of your house and property! You will receive phone notifications about everything that happened in TTLock APP!

Transfer and share admin

In this function you can transfer admin rights to the person you choose at will, or another option called “Share Admin” allows you to share your admin rights with specific people when needed.

Modify existing password

This option helps to modify the time period assigned to a specific type of password. Which means that you only need to select this option to change the time-related specifications of access shared by password. The user should be proficient in the functions available in the application. Because understanding them can makes it easy to operate and manage the locks!

For the end hope this blog can help everyone understand about TTLock APP and use the application in the best way! We are now welcoming any business partners from worldwide to join as our Raizo Smart Lock distributor.

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