Raizo Smart Lock Missions

Become the top Hospitality Solution Provider from Singapore

Raizo smart lock is looking for digital door lock distributor from Singapore.

Raizo, one of the key brands of Tricom International, dedicates itself to create a safe, convenient and smart life for users through its intelligent features. The innovative products and services from Raizo can be applied to hotel, home, workplaces, stores, schools, and more.

Raizo is recognized as the fastest growing digital door lock brand in Singapore by business intelligence industries and research institutions, providing the top-notch smart lock solution.

To expand the market to every single corner of the world, we commit to show our professionality on the research and development, production and sales of digital door locks. It has been recognized by users and won the praise of dealers everywhere for its high-quality products and services.

Raizo is looking forward to become a smart door lock brand that combines advanced functions and compatible with smart home or security systems, allowing you to check the status of the lock from anywhere, getting you out from the trouble of losing the keys, being locked and provide the safety for your family and friends.

How we add values for our Raizo Smart Lock partners?

Become one-stop hospitality solution TOP market leader

Becoming a market leader doesn’t happen overnight, but rather takes careful planning and hard work. Raizo has a team of talented engineers working hard to design and create products that may be tailored and compatible with a variety of solutions based on the needs of different projects. Our Raizo locks are accessible with open-platform apps and software, as well as we are now working on an app that will be able to connect to a wide range of home and hotel automation devices. We encourage our clients to expand their market approaches since we can provide and adapt one-stop hospitality solutions for a variety of industries (property/project developer, dealer/wholesaler, end-customer。

Get away from intense price war and Red Ocean

The overwhelming majority of brands sold at very low prices on e-commerce platforms are made and sold directly from China manufacturers. Raizo, on the other hand, is a Singapore brand, giving it a marketing advantage over China OEM locks. Raizo creates their own packaging and manufactures it in-house. It differs substantially from those who have merely a brown carton box. When your customers receive the goods, they will undoubtedly have a better purchasing experience. As a result, our distributors may place the products in higher-margin markets to assure a better profit margin. Get out of the Red Ocean with Raizo’s competitive brand advantage.

Position themselves at a higher profit market

Raizo smart lock mission is to assure high profit margin for smart lock distributor in Singapore.

The greater the ability to influence customers’ perceptions, the higher the opportunity of achieving a better profit margin. Raizo invests in, designs, and implements numerous R&D projects in order to deliver significant additional value to our clients, allowing them to position their products at a higher price point and achieve a bigger profit margin. We claim ourselves a comprehensive hospitality solution provider since we’ve completed over 500 projects, including hotels, homes, and health centers both locally and internationally. Furthermore, we are well-versed in assisting our distributors in increasing their profits by avoiding intense competition and putting themselves in a higher-profit market.

We welcome any overseas importers or distributors who are interested for Raizo smart door lock, we can provide different values to meet your business requirements.

Drop your email to info@tricom-int.com or WhatsApp +65 8758 0133