Raizo R4074

Every single pieces of the main board have been strictly taken into consideration to make sure the longer lifetime of the smart lock and stable to use.


Digital, Intelligent, Automation

Raizo R320 home smart lock is using FPC fingerprint sensor and it is famous in Singapore.


Raizo R320 is a home smart lock k

PIN Number

Raizo R320 can use RFID card to unlock in Singapore.


Raizo R320 is a bluetooth and also WiFi smart lock in Singapore.

Bluetooth App

Raizo R320 has a mechanical spare key to unlock the home smart lock when it is run out of battery.

Mechanical Key

Less than 1 second fast recognition

Semiconductor fingerprint module is a fingerprint processing module that integrate the semiconductor image collection and fingerprint processing part. small in size, low consumption, simple interfaces, as well as high reliability, fast recognition, good adaptability with dry and wet fingers and quick searching.

Support 16-digits phantom password and remotely share unlocking methods

Permanent long-term password
Simple setting, support 6-8 digits password

One-time valid temporary password
Can be created remotely, it will be invalid after unlocking once

Specific time temporary password
Can only be unlocked within the valid time period

Electronic security lock

Double protection which you can lock your door from inside. Anti-panic function is designed for emergency escape even when the electronic security lock is turned on.

Door Lock Dimension & Structure

Technical Specifications


H400 x W74mm


Aluminium casing with tempered glass panel

Unlocking Method

Fingerprint, PIN, RFID Card, Wi-Fi, Key


7068, 6068

Working Voltage

DC 7.4V

Low Voltage Alarm

< DC 6.8V


Fingerprint x 100, PIN x 100, RFID Card x 100