Raizo R3775

Raizo R3775

Open a new era of high-end smart door locks, suitable for hotels and residentials.


Smart, Convenient, Quick.

Raizo R320 home smart lock is using FPC fingerprint sensor and it is famous in Singapore.


Raizo R320 is a home smart lock k

PIN Number

Raizo R320 can use RFID card to unlock in Singapore.


Raizo R320 is a bluetooth and also WiFi smart lock in Singapore.

Mobile App

Raizo R320 has a mechanical spare key to unlock the home smart lock when it is run out of battery.

Mechanical key

Cycle times

The lever handle of Raizo R3775 has been tested 200k cycle times, proving the strong durability and longer lifetime of a smart door lock.


Support 15k times of Lock & Unlock Operation.

Support 16-digits phantom password and remotely share unlocking methods

Permanent long-term password
Simple setting, support 6~8 digits password

One-time valid temporary password
Can be created remotely, it will be invalid after unlocking once

Specific time temporary password
Can only be unlocked within the valid time period

Laminated and ultra-thin body design with tempered glass

Sturdy, solid and ultra-thin body which can
compatible with a variety of lock bodies and
cylinders. Adapt to various door types.

Electronic security lock

Double protection which you can lock your door from inside. Anti-panic function is designed for emergency escape even when the electronic security lock is turned on.

Features of Raizo R3775

Wireless lock system

Alkaline batteries as the power supply for the smart lock and no wiring required. Simple maintenance.

Semiconductor fingerprint sensor

It requires a real fingerprint type shape, offering the faster, more accurate and meticulous scanning.

Electronic security lock

The electronic locking button is the manual security lock where you can activate the double protection for the smart lock.

NFC Management

Install App in the smart phone to implement long distance lock management via NFC.

Lift to double lock system

Lift the lever handle to activate the security deadbolt, enhancing the security of the smart lock.

Phantom password

Support up to 16 digits phantom password to prevent others easily peep the door lock password.

Multifunction door lock for different hospitality solutions

Provide solutions for different hospitality properties such as hotel, residential, Airbnb etc.

Smart home integration

Able to integrate with the smart home system to enhance user experience environment.

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