Raizo smart lock supply and manufacture Raizo R320 home smart lock in Singapore.

Raizo R320

Safe and convenient it’s that simple with Raizo R320 home smart lock. 


Safe & Convenient

Raizo R320 home smart lock is using FPC fingerprint sensor and it is famous in Singapore.


Raizo R320 is a home smart lock k

PIN Number

Raizo R320 can use RFID card to unlock in Singapore.


Raizo R320 is a bluetooth and also WiFi smart lock in Singapore.

Mobile App (Bluetooth/WiFi)

Raizo R320 has a mechanical spare key to unlock the home smart lock when it is run out of battery.

Mechanical Key

Innovative free handle

Free handle can prevent violent unlocking from causing damage to the internal parts of the smart lock. Anti-lock is more convenient. With this design, the user only needs to lift the handle to activate the anti-lock, which is safe and saves time and effort.

Semiconductor Bioactive

The semiconductor fingerprint identification module only recognizes the living fingerprint and has high security. More accurate fingerprint details can be collected and the acquisition speed is faster.

Raizo R320 home smart lock use C type high quality lock cylinder in Singapore.

Grade C Smart Lock Cylinder

The C-class anti-theft door lock core is a new type of technology that adopts multiple anti-theft technologies, equipped with a side-inward pressing side column bayonet device, which largely eliminates the possibility of violent force opening of the lock.

Random security passcode

Support 16 digits anti-peeping password where you can some numbers before/after you input the real password to avoid other people peep your door lock password.

Raizo R320 smart lock can use random security password to avoid others peep their password in Singapore.
Raizo R320 digital door lock can plug in power bank to supply temporary power when it is run out of battery in Singapore.

Emergency Charging Port

Plug in the power bank to the USB charging port to supply temporary power when the smart lock is run out of battery.

Door Lock Dimension & Structure

Raizo R320 home smart door lock full measurement in the headquarter of Singapore.
The door lock structure of Raizo R320 smart lock in Singapore.

Technical Specifications

Aluminium Alloy

Working Voltage

6V/4 pcs of AA  Alkaline Batteries

Lock Weight


Unlocking Way

Bluetooth, Fingerprint, Password, RFID Card, Mechanical Key, Wi-Fi

Data Capacity

Fingerprint (200), Password (150), Card (200)

Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Low Voltage Alarm

Less than 4.8V

Features of Raizo R320

Raizo R300 smart lock is using FPC fingerprint sensor and it is famous in Singapore.

Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor

Advance recognition technology with 0.5 second rapid identification of fingerprint.

Raizo R300 smart lock has auto lock function so it is easier for users in Singapore.

Automatic lock

The auto lock features eliminate the need to recheck the door lock when go out.

Raizo smart lock has automatic lock so it is easy for user and supplier in Singapore.

Manual security lock

Turn on security lock to activate the additional bolt of the lock, providing the double protection for the smart lock.

Raizo R300 smart door lock can unlock in multiple ways in Singapore.

Variety of Access

Accommodates each individuals' lifestyle with variety of access.

Raizo R300 smart door lock can set security random password in Singapore.

Random security password

Support up to 16 digits phantom password to prevent others easily peep the door lock password.

Raizo R300 smart door lock can set specific time for their guests in Singapore.

Time setting for access

One time or specific time temporary password unlocking.

Lift the handle up to activate the deadbolt of the Raizo R300 mortise lock in Singapore.

Lift to double lock system

Lift the lever handle to activate the anti-lock, enhancing the security of the smart lock.

Complete information for tracking

Can receive notifications and track all the operation records through the Bluetooth app.

Colour Options

Raizo R320 home smart lock silver colour in Singapore.


Raizo R320 home smart lock black colour in Singapore.