Multiple Unlocking Ways Hotel Lock

Raizo R320 can use RFID card to unlock in Singapore.

RFID/Mifare Card

Raizo R320 has a mechanical spare key to unlock the home smart lock when it is run out of battery.

Mechanical Key

Raizo R320 is a bluetooth and also WiFi smart lock in Singapore.


Raizo R320 is a home smart lock k

Pin Number

Cycle Times

The handle of Raizo hotel lock has been tested 200k cycle times, proving the strong durability and longer lifetime of a hotel door lock.


Battery life can support approximately 15,000 times of normal operations

Raizo Hotel Door Lock Features

Raizo hotel door lock is coating with PVD technology which is anti-rust and anti-corrosion in Singapore.

PVD technology coating

Material of the lock body is stainless steel 304 with PVD coating. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

PCB main boards sealed with silicone

Silicon filled PCB board can protect the core of Raizo hotel door lock and prolong the life time of PCB main board. It also can make sure can work well even in high humidity environment.

Future Upgrade Available

Raizo hotel lock is able upgrade to PASSCODE, BLUETOOTH, WIFI hotel door lock in the future

Raizo hotel door lock able to upgrade to WiFi, Bluetooth, fingerprint, password hotel lock in Singapore.

Up to 828 of unlocking records, including mechanical override

Computer key with serial number

Mechanical key with unique serial number.

Raizo hotel lock can use mechanical key to unlock the hotel room in Singapore.

Raizo Hotel Lock

Raizo R6500 hotel lock is the best selling hotel lock of supplier in Singapore.

Raizo R6500

Raizo R6520 hotel lock is the best selling hotel lock of supplier in Singapore.

Raizo R6520

Raizo hotel lock catalogue used by hotel lock and smart lock supplier in Singapore.

Raizo Hotel Door Lock Catalogue

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