Digital Locker Lock

Enhance the user experience with Digital Cabinet Lock in any facility

Digital Cabinet Lock

Digital Cabinet Lock offers advanced firmware for a flexible management system that increases security in the workplace. A variety of available finishes and body-styles enhance the aesthetics of any furniture, cabinet or locker while keypad or RFID interface allows for seamless operation across a facility.

Why Choose Digital Locker Lock?

Raizo digital locker lock has alarm to inform if the locker is not nicely closed in Singapore.

Smart cabinet lock would be an alarm

Not like the houses and rooms’ door, no one is always on the other side of the cabinets’ doors. Then the most unwanted situation would be that someone managed to open the cabinet and stole the things inside without the owner’s notice until someday he/she checks it. So, the first thing we want for our smart cabinet lock would be an alarm.

Raizo digital locker lock provides convenient unlocking methods by using password or cards in Singapore.

Convenient unlocking method

You may own multiple cabinets or more than enough door locks in your facility, being able to easily find the key for each door would be significantly nicer than ever, so, convenient unlocking method is also one of your biggest concerns.

Raizo digital cabinet lock is simple structure and high durability so the quality is assured in Singapore.

Simple structure, Low maintenance cost, High endurance

For the cabinet’s locks may not be like your front door’s lock, you wouldn’t have to open it many times a day or you wouldn’t pay a lot of attention to it normally. The structural simplicity, low maintenance cost, high stability and the endurance are should also be taken into account.

Using Raizo digital cabinet lock will enhance the security of your belongings in Singapore.

Enhance security level

The fact that the cabinets are not like digital safes box, hence the security level could sometimes be redundant. Therefore, an exquisite and high end security set up cabinet lock probably should be the investment focus.

Suitable use for

Corporate Office

Gym and fitness center are widely using Raizo locker lock in Singapore.

Fitness Centre

Clubs and entertainment center like golf club use Raizo digital cabinet lock to enhance the convenience in Singapore.


Factories in Singapore are using Raizo cabinet lock in the workplace.


Our Products

Digital Locker Lock

Raizo M2126 is one of the digital locker lock famous in Raizo Singapore.

Raizo M2126

Raizo MHD002

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Digital Locker Lock Brochure

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