Hotel Door Lock System Price Analysis

Are you going to build a new hotel and purchase a complete hotel smart lock system? Or are you going to replace the old magnetic card lock system with a smart RFID hotel room key card system?

If so, you must need to know what hardware the smart card hotel lock system includes and the prices of each product and service, choosing the right hotel door lock hardware to serve your hotel and better control costs.

Hotel Smart Lock System Price

Basic Hardware

The standard necessary hardware of a complete hotel smart lock system includes hotel locks, card encoder, room RFID cards, management software, and data collectors.

Types of Hotel Smart Lock

The hotel lock is the core component of the hotel smart lock system, and its primary function is to lock the guest room door. And hotel door locks divided into RFID hotel door locks, Bluetooth apartment door locks, or Airbnb smart locks

Types of RFID in Hotel Door Lock

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Most hotels currently use RFID hotel door locks, and standard RFID smart card locks are divided into RFID Mifare hotel locks and RFID Temic hotel locks.

MIFARE hotel door locks’ price is slightly higher under normal circumstances than the TEMIC hotel door locks. The difference is that the Temic hotel lock can only use the corresponding TEMIC card for simple operations such as opening the door and taking electricity. In contrast, the Mifare card hotel lock can use the Mifare card to open the door, take electricity, and be used for hotel elevator control, restaurant dining, the gym is operated by waiting card.

Door Lock Materials

Different materials of hotel smart lock also affect their price, and the commonly used materials of hotel locks are mainly stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Zinc Alloy Hotel Door Lock Price:

The texture of zinc alloy material is relatively soft and comfortable to forge and process. Zinc alloy hotel door locks are often used for high-end, luxurious, and fashionable hotel door locks. However, compared with stainless steel, zinc alloy materials are slightly inferior in rust resistance and are easily damaged by severe external shocks and external forces. Therefore, to avoid corrosion and rust, the zinc alloy hotel lock needs to be surface treated after casting. Simultaneously, zinc alloy hotel locks are unsuitable for hotels near the sea or under bad weather conditions.

Stainless Steel Hotel Lock Price:

Hotel locks with stainless steel panels are more sturdy than zinc alloys, and stainless steel has better corrosion resistance and violent resistance. Especially in modern hotels, the hotel locks with stainless steel panels have excellent anti-drilling, fireproofing, and electric saws. Therefore, stainless steel hotel door locks are suitable for outdoor hotels, beach hotels, or hotel locks with harsh weather conditions. In general, the price of stainless steel hotel locks is slightly higher than that of zinc alloy hotel locks.

Hotel Door Lock System Management Software

The hotel smart lock system management software‘s primary function is to perform a series of operations and management of guest check-in at the hotel’s front desk, including reservation, registration, room arrangement, room exchange, room card arrangement, critical card loss, etc., functional activities.

Hotel lock management software can also perform various types of information queries, report generation, and printing. Under normal circumstances, the hotel lock suppliers will provide hotel lock system management software for customers to use for free, but some powerful brands may charge a certain fee.

Simultaneously, some customers will request related customization services for the hotel lock system management software, adding additional functions, adding company information, and LOGO operations. The entire system cannot be used generally with the hotel lock system management software and the card issuer. At this time, you also need to ask the hotel door lock system supplier for the registration code of the software before the software has been registered before it can be used usually. The registration code is generally charged annually.

Besides, some large-scale or chain hotels require that the hotel locks they purchase can be used on their own PMS or APP. At this time, the hotel lock supplier needs to provide the SDK of its hotel lock system management software. The SDK is also charged, and the systems supported by different manufacturers’ management software are different.

Hotel Smart Lock Installation Price

If a new hotel needs to install hotel door locks, we generally do not recommend the hotel staff install the hotel smart lock by themselves. Because the installation and commissioning of hotel locks are slightly complicated work, the door’s measurement, the opening of the hole, the structure of the lock body, and the installation require professional installation work. If you install it by yourself, the door may not open and close normally. The occurrence of situations such as the lock not working.

Therefore, we suggest that it is best to find a suitable hotel door lock installation service company locally and let them come to install hotel locks. Of course, this price may be unbearable for some small hotels, but don’t worry. General hotel door lock system suppliers will provide complete hotel lock installation documents and video tutorials or install it yourself.

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Hotel Door Lock Replacement Cost

In some cases, if your hotel is using an older magnetic card hotel lock, now you want to replace the hotel door lock with a more advanced hotel smart lock system, then in addition to considering the price of the new MIFARE hotel lock. You will also need to consider whether the new hotel lock can generally be installed in the original installation space.

If not, you were then digging holes again. Would you mind making sure you can find a suitable hotel lock before replacing the door lock for your hotel? Because there is no need for re-drilling and measuring, the only installation work is required, and the price of the replacement door lock for the hotel will be slightly lower than the hotel door lock installation cost.

Many factors are affecting the price of installation services. In addition to the size and brand effect of the installation service company, the installation service personnel’s proficiency, the time required to install the lock, the installation location, and the level of security needed must also be considered.

Therefore, it is recommended that the hotel install it again. Before, communicate with the smart door lock installation service company in depth to obtain all the necessary information you need to know.

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