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Introducing the Raizo R300 smart Lock

Raizo R300 smart lock Singapore

Smart Lock is experiencing exponential growth in research and industry. Meanwhile, a smart lock is applied widely in companies, government agencies, residential, apartments etc. Many smart locks offer a mobile app that allows user to lock and unlock doors with a simple button tap. Nevertheless, numerous security vulnerabilities in the interaction models and practical implementations have been identified in smart locks, which may lead to burglary or personal safety issues, since the attacker could open the door lock without authorization via utilizing the vulnerabilities.

Raizo, the fastest growing smart lock brand from Singapore

Our Raizo R300 smart door lock works through a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth, to your phone or mobile device. The smart lock will come with a corresponding mobile app allowing you to control all its features at the touch of a button.

Perhaps the biggest benefit from our Raizo smart locks is the keyless entry. Though it’s reassuring to have them in your hand, physical keys can be more trouble than they’re worth. If you lose your keys, you’ll struggle to get into your house. If you’re in immediate danger and need to get into your home quickly, fumbling around in your bag will just slow you down. If you give out a guest key, the person who has it can enter your home at will. With the Raizo smart lock, however, you’ll have controlled access to your home with just the touch of a button.

Entry codes can be changed at will. If you rent out your home, for instance, you can change your code between tenants to prevent unauthorized access. By changing your entry code regularly, thieves are less likely to guess your current password.  In many cases, smart locks offer an access restriction timeline. You can dictate who gets in and, more importantly, when they get in.

We’re truly going keyless with the Raizo R300 here. 6 authentication methods for you to unlock the digital door lock by using Fingerprint, PIN codes, RFID Cards, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mechanical Key. There’s definitely a way to unlock that’ll best suit your needs.

Other Raizo R300 features include:

Raizo R300 smart lock is using FPC fingerprint sensor and it is famous in Singapore.
FPC Fingerprint Sensor
Raizo R300 smart lock has auto lock function so it is easier for users in Singapore.
Automatic lock
Raizo smart lock has automatic lock so it is easy for user and supplier in Singapore.
Manual security lock
Raizo R300 smart door lock can set security random password in Singapore.
Phantom password
Raizo R300 smart door lock can set specific time for their guests in Singapore.
Time setting for access
Raizo R300 is anti-panic design keyless mortise smart lock in Singapore.
Anti-panic function
Lift the handle up to activate the deadbolt of the Raizo R300 mortise lock in Singapore.
Lift to double lock system
Raizo R300 smart lock can use the NFC management to unlock the smart lock in China.
NFC management

Learn more about the Raizo R300 smart door lock here. We supply the smart lock and hotel door lock worldwide.

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