Best smart door lock brand for a keyless home

Keys are yesterday’s technology, your smart home needs a smart lock.

Smart lock replaces traditional lock-and-key systems over time, the basic mechanism hasn’t really changed since the first lock was invented more than a thousand years ago: A piece of metal that is just the right shape pushes pins inside a lock into the proper position, allowing the lock mechanism to turn. As a society, it’s been tough to replace a system that has worked reasonably reliably for literally a millennium.

Are smart locks really better?

You can thank the hospitality industry for finally pushing locks into the digital age. Hotels learned long ago that keys are easily lost, expensive to replace, and simple to bypass, as thieves can pick locks or simply make copies of a key to allow for unfettered future access. On the flipside, hotel guests have readily accepted key cards (and in some cases, smartphone-based solutions) as the primary means of getting into their room. The electronic solution is just so much simpler. Lost hotel key card? Replacing it is no big deal.

But the biggest benefit of electronic entry systems is that they are highly configurable. Smart locks can be changed at a moment’s notice (which is why that old hotel key card in your wallet isn’t good for anything), and the property owner can generate a record of when each door was opened. In a more advanced setting, different keys can be generated for the same lock, so a homeowner can tell when each member of the family came in, or when the housekeeper arrived.

Whether you have a teenager who tends to break curfew or merely want to give temporary access to houseguests, service providers, or Airbnb operators, smart locks are an incredible upgrade over the old way of doing things. Ready to make the jump to smart lock technology? Here are our top picks of Raizo smart lock at the moment.

Raizo smart lock top picks

Raizo R300 (Mortise smart lock)

Raizo R300 smart door lock can unlock in SIX modes, Fingerprint, Password, Cards, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mechanical Key. It helps to make your life convenient as you don’t need to carry a key anywhere or worry about losing your key. This is popularly used in high-end household and properties.

Raizo R190 (Bluetooth/WiFi smart lock)

Raizo R190 smart door lock is user-friendly and very easy to program. It has fingerprint recognition and a smartphone app service for modern living with a modern lock.

Raizo R320 (Smart Door Lock)

Raizo R320 smart door lock its keypad lock allows for quick exit or entry without your needing to carry keys. Simple design and easy to use. You can use your mobile phone to lock/unlock the door using app instantly and share a temporarily password to your visitors when you are not around.

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