Start your Airbnb hosting journey

With Raizo Airbnb Smart Lock

Raizo smart locks offer a simple solution to people who manage vacation rental properties.

Are you always annoy with these Airbnb problems ?

Time trouble

Scheduling your life around guests' arrival times

Key problem

Getting locks rekeyed when guests misplace the keys?

Worry about safety

Traditional door lock easily to break down

Track Record

Curious who and how many check in or out of your Airbnb

Make an easier way for you and your guests

Generate specified time password which you allow them to stay in your Airbnb and send the ekey to your guests. Through the Bluetooth app, you may track their check in and out records.

How does smart lock works with Airbnb

Manage your Airbnb room booking by using Raizo smart lock in Singapore.

Receive booking notification on Airbnb calendar

The guest will make the booking online and you can get the notifications on the Airbnb calendar

Guests of the Airbnb will receive the password of your Airbnb smart lock from Raizo Singapore.

Guest receives the access passcode 

Before the check in date, you can send the access passcode generated by TTLock smart lock app to your guest.

Contactless check out the room by using Raizo Airbnb smart lock helps to easy manage Airbnb listing in Singapore.

Guest check out

Airbnb host can set the specific time passcode for guest to check in and out. The passcode will automatically expired and deleted once the time out.

Raizo smart lock R300 is suitable to use as the Airbnb smart door lock in Singapore.

Raizo Airbnb Smart Lock

Grant the access anywhere, anytime.

We present to you Raizo smart locks for a keyless and fuss-free lifestyle. Say goodbye to frustrating key handovers.